HKUST Cases Now Available on HBP’s Partner Collection

類型 : News
最近更新 : 27.09.2018

HKUST has partnered with the Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) on case distribution,
furthering the availability of the University’s business cases on Harvard’s case catalog
, an international platform recognized by its world-class case resources.
Directed by Professor Roger King and Professor Winnie Peng, the Thompson Center for
Business Case Studies (CBCS) initiated the partnership opportunity for HKUST, with a vision
to facilitate a better understanding of the unique cultures, management styles, ethics, and
business environments in Asia through our own cases. The case collection consists of
mainly field cases from a great variety of disciplines. All cases are written by HKUST’s
faculty members, each a leading expert of his/her discipline(s) in academia and/or

For years, HKUST cases have been highly sought after for their international impact. Our
cases are used for teaching and case competitions by the Business School’s UG, MBA, and
EMBA program offices, other schools in HKUST, and universities around the world such as
UCLA, IMD, IVEY, Tsinghua, Fudan and HKU.

HKUST is listed as one of the HBP's international partners ( Cases available on HBP are all accompanied by a teaching note, while some cases are also available in Chinese, and/or with rich supplementary materials such as presentation slides, data spreadsheets, worksheets for students, and worksheets for instructors with solutions.

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