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759 Store: Returning to Its Competitive Roots?

案例編號 : UST084
HBP產品 : ST84
作者 : Prof Ronald LAU
發布日期 : 11.12.2019


This case traces the journey of 759 Store, a chain store selling groceries and snacks in Hong Kong, from its inception in 2010 to 2019. After many years of rapid expansion, it began to experience difficulties amid a deteriorating retail business environment in Hong Kong. Management would need to rethink its business strategy and make major changes to turn the business around.


The learning objectives for this case are as follows:

1. Understand competition within the Hong Kong grocery industry with Porter’s Five Forces model.

2. Discuss how 759 Store could differentiate itself and its products.

3. Outline how and why the product offering differed at 759 Store over the years.

4. Identify the opportunities and challenges of operating an online business in HK.

5. Apply break-even analysis on how an online business can set minimum order values.

公司/機構 759阿信屋
行業 Supermarkets, e-commerce, Grocery stores
主要學科 Operations Management
主題 Breakeven analysis, Logistics, product management, supply chain management, competitive strategy, Product differentiation
地區 Hong Kong
案例屬性 Field
案例頁數 12
教學筆記 6
補充資料 Case Presentation Slides
最近修訂日期 01.02.2020