The 16th HKUST International Case Competition (HKICC 2018)

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最近更新 : 29.10.2018

Jointly with the undergraduate student development and career services team of HKUST Business School, Thompson Center for Business Case Studies organized the 16th HKUST International Case Competition (HKICC, formerly known as HKUST-Citi International Case Competition) from October 20 to 26, 2018.  Sponsored by Lifestyle International Holdings Limited, the competition in two rounds challenged the participating teams with a kick-off case and a main case, where they were tasked to put forward strategic recommendations, respectively, within three hours and 22 hours.

They not only worked together to review the sustainability strategy for SOGO (with Lifestyle International Holdings Limited as its parent company), but also proposed a solution for the company to utilize digital technologies to its fullest in matching its business opportunities.

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Kick-off Case: SOGO Department Store, Hong Kong: Integrating Environmental Sustainability into a Retail Store's Operations

Main Case: SOGO: Leveraging Digital Technologies to Enhance Customer Engagement and Drive Growth