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VetNX: An E-Business Model of Veterinary Services in China

HBP Product : ST64
Case Author : Prof Ronald LAU and Kenny YIU
PublicAction Date : 21.08.2018


VetNX is an e-commerce platform that connects veterinary physicians to pet owners in various parts of the world. The company is founded by a young entrepreneur who comes from a family involved in a pet food and health-care products business.

Learning Objectives

The primary objective of this case is to demonstrate the design and implementation process of an e-commerce startup business. The second objective is to introduce the process of establishing an e-commerce business in China and the challenges involved.

Company/Organization VetNX
Industry Veterinary Services, e-commerce, customer services, technology, online shop, mobile app
Major Discipline Entrepreneurship
Subject(s) strategic service model, Information Technology, Operations Management, Startup, Family business, Marketing, brand building, Customer relationship management, business growth and expansion, pet medical and healthcare, infrastructure model
Geography China, Qianhai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Australia
Case Nature Field
Page count of the Case 10
Teaching Notes 7
Supplementary Materials Presentation Slides
Last Revision Date 21.08.2018