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V. Rose (A): Rosy Hong Kong

REF ID : ST070/A
HBP Product : ST70A
Case Author : Prof Jinyu HE and Dr Minyi HUANG
PublicAction Date : 22.03.2019


V.Rose is a Shanghai-based company founded in 2009 by Leo Cui. The company sells natural skin-care products imported from Latvia to Chinese customers. Case A focuses on the company’s business expansion strategy. In 2014, V.Rose faced intensifying competition in the handmade, natural cosmetics market in China. To expand its business, the company had a number of options to choose from, each with pros and cons. One option was to enter the Hong Kong market to raise its brand awareness. Without knowledge of the Hong Kong market, however, senior management was uncertain about how to enter the market and what its managerial and financial implications were. Another option was to expand the online business to reap the benefits of the industry’s fast-growing online sales. This case gives students an opportunity to discuss and compare different business-expansion strategies.

Learning Objectives

This case will enable students to:

- Understand the key dimensions of a company’s business scope and learn to assess the business opportunities in managing its growth;

- assess a company’s internal resources and capabilities as well as the external business environment when choosing a company’s entry mode into a new market

Company/Organization V. Rose
Industry cosmetics, commodities, beauty, body care
Major Discipline General Management
Subject(s) expansion strategies, business growth, market entrance
Geography Shanghai, China, Hong Kong, Europe
Case Nature Field
Page count of the Case 16
Teaching Notes 9
Publisher HKUST
Last Revision Date 12.11.2018