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TG Capital: Banking in the New Era

HBP Product : ST85
Case Author : Prof Theodore H CLARK and Gianne WONG
PublicAction Date : 07.01.2020


The case describes TG Capital Limited (TG is the fictitious name of a real company) as a global investment fund founded in 2014. Having successfully invested in a few technology start-ups across Southeast Asia, Mainland China, and Hong Kong by working with major companies in these regions, TG is known for its technological expertise and investments. In 2019, when the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), the city’s de facto central bank and banking regulator, announced the issuance of another four virtual-banking licenses in addition to the first four. TG’s management, which was committed to being the first to review all the latest technology-related opportunities and to moving into fintech, had to decide whether to step into the virtual-banking business by applying for a license.

Learning Objectives

Students will be given the opportunity to simulate a company’s situation and provide a go/ no-go business proposal to the board. They will be challenged to undertake analyses from wider perspectives such as business strategy, marketing strategy, competition, and geo- and economic environments, without the possibility of conducting sufficient quantitative analyses to fully support their decisions.

Company/Organization TG Capital (Fictitious)
Industry technology, banking
Major Discipline Finance
Subject(s) business strategies, Risk, Startup, Finance, Investments, Virtual environments
Geography Hong Kong, China, Asia
Case Nature Fictitious
Page count of the Case 12
Teaching Notes 5
Publisher HKUST
Last Revision Date 07.01.2020