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Pacific Coffee: Making the Numbers Count

HBP Product : ST77
Case Author : Prof Thian CHEW and Ambrose TONG
PublicAction Date : 19.11.2013


Pacific Coffee operated several stores in Central Hong Kong, the heart of the city’s financial district. One of these stores (“Store X”) was situated on the ground floor and near the main lobby of a Grade A commercial building and a five-minute walk away from Lan Kwai Fong, a popular area for drinking, dining, and clubbing frequented by the city’s professionals. Store X’s opening hours were from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Profitability was constantly challenged by increased competition as well as pressures from cost inflation, including rent, labor, and raw material price increases. Jonathan Somerville, the group COO, had been contemplating a number of different strategies to optimize profitability at the store.

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Learning Objectives

This case can be used to teach students the dynamic effects of fixed and variable costs under the impact of varying sales volumes. Other costs to consider include relevant costs, opportunity costs and sunk costs. Students can then discuss the impact these various costs will have on decision making.

Company/Organization Pacific Coffee, China Resources Group
Industry food and beverage
Major Discipline Accounting
Subject(s) Pacific Coffee, Finance, Accounting, Business development, Business feasibility, Controllable versus uncontrollable variances, Price comparison, Business Uncertainties
Geography Hong Kong
Case Nature Field
Page count of the Case 14
Teaching Notes 10
Publisher HKUST
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