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Open Innovation at Huawei

REF ID : UST037; UST037/SC
HBP Product : ST37; ST37C
Case Author : Prof Yan XU ; Prof Jeevan JAISINGH ; Prof Yongsuk KIM ; Dr Minyi HUANG
PublicAction Date : 07.07.2016


This case study focuses on how Huawei had developed and used Huawei Innovation Research Program (HIRP) as its open innovation platform, showing how the company has changed its role from a research fund provider to a research collaborator, bringing mutual benefits to university-enterprise research collaborations. The case features the challenges of managing open innovation projects, such as looking for suitable external research partners, keeping the research projects on track, and evaluating research outcomes. It also shows how Huawei has tackled the problems common to open innovation projects, including the Not-Invented-Here syndrome, intellectual property protection, industry-university communication difficulties and research output evaluation.

Learning Objectives

The case enables students to:

Understand the concept of open innovation, particularly its role in transforming a company from an industry follower to a leader;

Identify the challenges associated with open innovation; and

Recommend solutions to produce more cutting-edge technological innovation through university-enterprise research collaboration.

Company/Organization Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Industry Smartphones, information technology, university, research institution
Major Discipline Operations Management
Subject(s) Huawei , Communication difficulties, General Management, Information Systems, innovation , innovation research , university-enterprise research collaboration, research outcomes
Geography China
Case Nature Field
Page count of the Case 31
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Publisher HKUST
Last Revision Date 05.07.2016