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Metagenom Bio Inc: Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in China

HBP Product : ST86
Case Author : Prof Ronald LAU and David Ian THOMAS
PublicAction Date : 20.04.2020


This case deals with the planned market expansion of Metagenom Bio Inc. (MBI), a Canadian microbiome company that specializes in designing and structuring novel environmental monitoring and remediation technology and processes. The case revolves around the situation in 2019 facing Patrick Ang, the CEO of MBI, who has to take strategic decisions at a crucial point of MBI’s development of a potential entry to China while keeping confidential the details of the IP of MBI.

Learning Objectives

 To provide students with a basic understanding of the business environment in China and to analyze the opportunities and challenges present to a foreign business entity. Students should be encouraged to analyze critically the viability of whether it is possible for a business entity such as MBI to keep its IP confidential while at the same time expanding its commercial operations into other jurisdictions. 

Company/Organization Metagenom Bio Inc
Industry Mining, Soil remediation
Major Discipline International Business
Subject(s) Intellectual property right protection, Sustainability, SWOT analysis, China business models, Risk analysis of foreign expansion, PESTEL analysis, Five-Force model, Soil remediation
Geography China
Case Nature Field
Page count of the Case 15
Teaching Notes 13
Supplementary Materials Case Presentation Slides
Publisher HKUST
Last Revision Date 05.05.2020