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DJI Innovations: Managing the Human Capital in a High-Flying Company

HBP Product : ST11
Case Author : Prof Po Chi WU and Warren LEE
PublicAction Date : 22.04.2013


DJI-Innovations is an early-stage company that developed hardware and software for remote-controlled helicopters and drones. Frank Wang, the CEO and founder is an exceptionally bright and passionate young man who has seen his company grow rapidly. Such growth confronts him with human resource challenges that his engineering background has not prepared him for.
The case describes the situation and offers the following challenge to students:
If you were Frank Wang, what will be your strategy to manage its human resources to meet DJI’s challenges and needs during this critical growth stage and ensure that the core value of the company continues to serve as a driver of its competitive advantage?

Learning Objectives

The case provokes thoughts for factors to be considered in developing an HR strategy for a tech-based company in China.
It invites students to reflect on the following issues:

  • How are HR issues different in a rapidly-growing tech-based company?
  • How does a company culture evolve from being centered around a charismatic founder to a "professional organization"?
  • How can "leadership" be encouraged throughout the company?

Company/Organization Dà-Jiāng Innovations (DJI)
Industry industrial engineering, creativity, technology hardware and equipment, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) autopilot systems
Major Discipline Human Resource Management
Subject(s) DaJiang Innovations Technology Co. , Ltd. (DJI), Technology, Company culture, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Industrial Engineering, Leadership, Manufacturing, product development strategy, performance-based incentives
Geography Shenzhen
Case Nature Field
Page count of the Case 16
Teaching Notes 13
Supplementary Materials PowerPoint
Publisher HKUST
Last Revision Date 05.07.2013